Ms. Canada’s Creative Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Ms. Canada's Creative Kindergarten Class ...
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      Welcome to kindergarten at Madison James Foster!

 I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher and

 I know this will be an awesome year!  For your

 child’s journey to be successful, it is essential for

 me to understand that each child is unique

 individual with special qualities and needs.  With

 the support of students and families, we will create

 a classroom environment that will recognize and

 respect individuality to support each student’s

 learning.  I will create a classroom that offers a

 variety of meaningful teaching styles so that each

 child will have the opportunity to succeed. The

 children will grow and learn at their rate.  I invite

 you to play an active role in your child’s education

 by talking with your child each day about their

 learning, reading together with them every night,

 and communicating with me.

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